Hi, I’m Murissa! Founder and writer at Foodietown.ca, I love to talk food, wine and travel in all forms of media from podcasting to video and of course the written word. If you haven’t checked out my site or subscribed to my YouTube channel you can do so here:


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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

On the website I often write about where to go, and you’ll find that here too, but I’ll also be spilling all the details like a friend who just got back from a trip bursting to tell you everything, the good, the bad & the ugly.


I am always planning a trip in my head. We’ll talk trip planning from beginning to end. How I use social media to help me plan, girl trips, family travel as well as some solo exploring - something many are too scared to do even in their own home town.


New restaurants, trending recipes, food scenes across Canada and wherever I roam.

Wine & Beer

I am a huge wino and craft beer lover. We’ll be talking Canadian wine clubs, new breweries and what food I’m drinking with each.

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Owner of Foodietown.ca, uncovering the food scenes across Canada and beyond.